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TSC (Technical Service Centers)


As modern technology develops, the need for high functional steel and higher level technology to utilize the steels has increased. To address this, on April 1st, 2014 POSCO created the Technical Service Center (TSC) where our main objective is to provide our customers with total technical solutions and high quality service.

Since then, POSCO has established TSC Detroit and TSC Houston. While TSC Detroit and TSC Houston have mainly automotive and energy customers respectively, both branches provide Early Vendor Involvement (EVI) to all of our customers. EVI is a joint participation project where we aid all aspects of product planning, development, and evaluation involving steel for their customers. POSCO is willing to support all our customers to the best of our knowledge.

What we do

Total Technical Solution

  • Identifying the customer’s exact needs and providing appropriate solutions
  • EVI Projects at TSC Detroit and TSC Houston

Product Promotion

  • Introducing POSCO products to customers
  • Answering customers’ questions about the products

Material Qualification

  • Evaluating plant trials of our steel on-site with customers

After-Sales Service

  • Taking preventive measures to avoid quality issues
  • Handling customer’s concerns and claims

Quality Monitoring

  • Monitoring the performance of POSCO’s products to improve our steel quality

Providing Total Technical Solutions

For detailed and precise response, we utilize the Steel Solution Center (SSC) in Korea. The SSC, with more than 300 experts and engineers, develops solutions for customers varying from automotive, energy, ship building, to home appliances. TSC acts as the link between our customers and the SSC to introduce and implement developed solutions in real situations.

Products & Services
TSC (Technical Service Centers)