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Hot-Rolled Steel

Coil-type hot rolled steel strip and hot rolled steel sheet that has been produced by Hot Strip Mill.

Applications Shipbuilding and line pipes, Structural steel, Automobiles, Heavy Machinery and Equipment, Pressure vessels

Cold-Rolled Steel

High quality steel material with a smooth surface and excellent processing capabilities that is a vital material in modern society where consumption life is improved and diversified.

Applications Automobiles, Home Appliances, Furniture, Finished materials for buildings


Thick steel sheet cut to length with thickness over 6mm and produced to give many different characteristics including abrasion resistance and high strength.

Applications Shipbuilding, Heavy machinery, Hydro power stations and pressure vessels, Construction of buildings, bridges and offshore structures

Wire Rod

POSCO’s wire rod, produced from Bloom and billet is drawn and wound in a coil form. Through the use of cutting-edge facilities and automated systems, POSCO maintains consistent efforts in the development and manufacture of higher quality wire rod products.

Applications Automotive Tire reinforcement, Engine Valve Springs and Coil Springs, Bearing Products, Nuts and Bolts, Industrial Machinery and Other Automotive Components, Wire Ropes, Precision Springs, Bead wires and other steel wires

Stainless Steel

Special steel, characterized by its smooth surfaces and excellent corrosion resistance, that can be used in various forms without extra processing.

Applications Interior and exterior materials for buildings, Kitchenware, Industrial parts, Automotive components, Medical instruments

Galvanized/Galvannealed Steel

Cold rolled is cleaned and annealed, then the surface is dipped into a molten zinc pot to form a zinc plating.

Applications Automobile, Home Appliance, Construction

Electrical Steel

Electrical steel is characterized by its excellent magnetic properties. There are two types of electrical steel: Grain-oriented and non-grain oriented electrical steel.

Applications Transformers, transducers and magnetic amplifier cores, Power reactors, Hydro-generators and turbo-generators, Generator cores, Electric motors


Cold rolled steel coated with Aluminum-Zinc Alloy characterized by corrosion resistance and high heat reflectivity.

Applications Metal Roofing and Building, Air Conditional, Spiral duct

Aluminized Steel

Cold rolled steel coated with Aluminum characterized by high corrosion resistance and heat reflectivity.

Applications Auto Exhaust, Construction materials, Cookware, Heating devices

Electrogalvanized Steel

Cold rolled steel and anneal treated products which are electrochemically plated onto the surface.

Applications Automotive: Inner & Outer Panels,Door Outer, Hood, Fender, Rear Floor, Home Appliances: Inner & Outer Panels

Color Coated Steel Sheet

Steel coils are painted to give functional and aesthetic features.

Applications Exterior building materials, Boiler, Electronic furniture, Agriculture machinery


Semi-finished product that is manufactured from rolling an ingot or a bloom and characterized by a rectangular cross section.

Applications Production of all flat steel products

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