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[ FAQ ] Q1. Where can I find POSCO America offices and contact information?

Ans: POSCO America currently has five offices in the Americas. Four offices are located at Johns Creek, GA (Headquarters), Houston, TX, Troy, MI and Washington DC in North America and one office is located at Mexico City, Mexico in Central America in order to meet customers’ needs and provide total technical solution to our customers. To view POSCO America offices please click here.

[ FAQ ] Q2. What kind of products does POSCO America offer?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in POSCO America’s products. We are offering variety of top quality steel products such as hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, plate, wire rod, stainless steel, galvanized/galvannealed steel, electrical steel, galvalume, aluminized steel, electrogalvanized steel, color coated steel sheet and etc. You can find a full list of POSCO America’s products by clicking here.

[ FAQ ] Q3. How do I know if POSCO America can supply the product that my company needs?

Ans: You can submit a request for inquiry by clicking here.

[ FAQ ] Q4. What kind of delivery services does POSCO America offer?

Ans: POSCO America is capable of transporting products via ship, truck, rail, and barge, whichever best suits our client’s needs.

[ FAQ ] Q5. What is the typical lead time for POSCO products, from placing an order to receiving the materials?

Ans: The lead time would depend on the type of product and specification. You could get more infomration on the lead time by submitting a request for inquiry.

[ FAQ ] Q6. What are the major ports that POSCO America uses?

Ans: Currently, the most frequently used ports in North America include Mobile, AL, New Orleans, LA, Houston, TX, Charleston, SC, and Savannah, GA. In Central America, the most often used ports include Altamira and Manzanillo. However, we can accommodate your needs and arrange any other ports for you. We can also provide JIT service upon your request.

[ FAQ ] Q1. What is POSCO TSC?

Ans: POSCO Technical Service Center (TSC) is an organization established to provide our customers with technical service and application solutions for the better use of POSCO products. For details, please click here.

[ FAQ ] Q2. What kind of total technical solutions do TSC provide?

Ans: Total technical solution is all kinds of technical solution to support our customers so that they can use our products better. This includes product solution to provide the right product and application solution ranging from formability, painting, welding, structural design, and part evaluation techniques.

[ FAQ ] Q3. What is an EVI?

Ans: Early Vendor Involvement (EVI) is a joint participation in the development stage of customer’s new product. We provide all the steel solution to the customer in all aspects including product planning, development, and evaluation.

[ FAQ ] Q4. How do you provide total technical solutions?

Ans: In our headquarter, we have more than 300 experts and engineers who develop application solutions for customers varying from automotive, energy, ship building, to home appliances. We provide on-site investigation upon needs to collect all the required information on the issue. Based on the information, we analyze and evaluate to formulate appropriate solutions to our customers’ needs.

[ FAQ ] Q5. Where do I contact for technical solutions?

Ans: For the fastest response, we recommend you to contact the nearest TSC offices. In the U.S., we are located in Birmingham, AL, Houston, TX, and Detroit, MI. In Mexico, we are located in Mexico City, Celaya, and San Luis Potosi. You can find our contact address by clicking here.

[ FAQ ] Q1. Where can I find open positions? / What positions are available at POSCO America?

Ans: Thank you for your interest in POSCO America. POSCO America posts open positions at POSCO America website so please visit Search Job page for more information.

[ FAQ ] Q2. Can I get job descriptions for open positions?

Ans: Sure, you can find out job descriptions for open positions at search job page by clicking the job position you are interested in. Overall, POSCO America consists of 2 divisions (Corporate Planning and Marketing) and 1 center (Technical Service Center). Under corporate planning division there are Accounting/Finance, Investment Strategy, and HR. For more information, please click here.

[ FAQ ] Q3. How can I apply for an open position?

Ans: Once you find the position you are interested in, you can simply submit your resume by filling out ‘Submit Resume page’ and attaching your resume. Please click here for more information.

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