President’s Message

As a fully invested entity by POSCO, one of the Global Top 5 steel companies that has been selected as the most competitive and sustainable global steel company for 6 consecutive years, POSCO America functions as the representative company for POSCO group’s subsidiaries in the Americas.
We believe that our customers are the main drivers of POSCO America’s development. Through “Solution Marketing,” POSCO America will continue in our efforts to be the company our customers rejoice in cooperating with.

“Solution marketing”

No matter how well made the product is, it can be rendered useless if it is inconvenient and uneconomical for our customers. By reinforcing our standard EVI into “Solution Marketing,” we are able to provide value for our customers through technological and operational support while fulfilling their potential needs.
In the steel industry, “Solution Marketing” is implemented through the convergence of hardware (steel), software (technology & application), and supply chain management (transaction & logistics).

“Beloved Business Partner”

Through placement of staffs in local regions, we provide solutions as quick as possible to our customers and partners in needs. POSCO America is committed to help beyond the commercial support, but as a “Heart-to-Heart Relationship” business partners. POSCO America plans to maintain consistency, transparency, and elegance in our operations to realize sustainable growth fueled by the love and support from our customers and partners.

Thank you.

President Kevin Kwang Soo Kim

President’s Message